A Teaching Coven: Building Your Temple

Covenant of the Witches celebrates an eclectic path, holding open and closed Circles, teaching community and offering the services of its Coveners as leaders and ritual coordinators.

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COTW teaches a four part system of Witchcraft as it was handed to us by our teachers: introductory lessons, year and a day program, second degree studies, and ongoing training for initiates.

Community Service

Events Coordination

COTW members are leaders in the larger Pagan and Magickal community, leading large, medium and small public rituals, as well as organizing for large events such as DragonFest, Beltainia, Witch's Ball.

COTW members provide public educational speaking, perform handfastings and weddings, baby blessings and house cleansings, mannings and moonings as well as crossing over rituals.


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